“When I’m into my 80s, I’ll have exactly one goal for my golf game: To keep being able to play.”
Joanne Carner
Putter section
- Sheila Weir -

Putter convenor

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The Putters meet every Tuesday at the Himalayas. With over 50 members, this is an active and busy section of our club. The membership is open to all members of St Regs Ladies’ Golf Club.

- Putting season -

Matches are held from April to September. Members meet weekly playing stroke play or match play competitions.

- -

There are also team matches against The St Andrews Ladies’ Putting Club, The St Rule Club and St Regulus Juniors.

- Putting all year long -

During the winter months putters meet fortnightly in the Clubhouse for coffee and to take part in different and closely contested indoor winter putting league.

- Putters membership fee -

We welcome applications for Putting memberships. The fees are £91 yearly + £85 entry fee.

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